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LOGIQUALITI is a specialist and ethical organisation providing independent consultancy services on the quality of software application development and implementation to guarantee delivery.

LOGIQUALITI can assure the smooth transition from development to the delivery of a working solution in live operations.

LOGIQUALITI exists to improve the quality of software delivery, by providing:
Testing as a Service (TaaS).
Test management consultancy
Tools to improve testing
Tools to measure the quality of the management of software projects
Training in software testing.
Advantages of LOGIQUALITI:
LOGIQUALITI can provide the keys to implementing cost effective ways of introducing quality throughout the lifecycle of software projects, right from the launch of the project. As a consequence, LOGIQUALITI can assist in delivering projects in better time, closer to budget and within or closer to original scope.
LOGIQUALITI does NOT use inexperienced young resources who are learning their trade at the client's expense.
LOGIQUALITI does NOT place inappropriate resources on projects just because those resources happen to be available.
LOGIQUALITI does NOT try to confuse its clients with meaningless buzzwords and the latest technobabble - LOGIQUALITI uses only conventional business terminology to ensure its clients obtain the best benefits.
Key Benefits
Cost effective and competitive fee structures because operating overheads are kept to a minimum
Option for off-site facilities to minimise overheads
Services can be available on a part-time or short-term basis, depending on a client's requirements
Services can be available on a call-off basis
Access to multi-lingual resource pool
Broad geographic coverage for significant part of Europe
Adherence to strict international project management and testing standards
Guarantee of quality staff and skills - all resources are highly skilled specialists with lots of experience
Knowledge /skills transfer - all resources are happy to explain how and why, plus what to avoid and why it is not advisable to undertake certain activities
Our Services
LOGIQUALITI offers the following services
Software Project Management and Testing “Best Practices”
Off-site Project Management Office (PMO)
Project quality audit services - health checks, reviews and testing audits
Assurance that software testing is effective and adds value
Our History
Examples of assignments:
Management of testing and delivery for Swiss division of major international financial organisation resulting in being the only part of the global organisation which was ready ahead of schedule and which was able to convert to the new solution at the fixed cutover date
Our Clients
Projects have been undertaken on behalf of clients in the following sectors
Financial Services sector
Consultancy / Software provision sector
Utilities sector
Public services sector
Manufacturing and construction
Petrochemical sector